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What is a Free Spins Bonus?

If you enjoy playing slots then you’ll find no better place to play them than at an online casino. The range of games you’ll have at your disposal simply can’t be matched by anywhere else. What makes this even better though is the fact there’s plenty of free spins bonuses for you to claim too! A free spins bonus is always going to be valuable to you whether or not you’re new to online casinos. If you are a new player though, then the free spins bonus will do twice as much work for you. This is because it’s also gonna give you the perfect opportunity to learn!

There are two unique ways in which a casino will give you a bunch of free spins. The first of those is truly a free bonus that requires you do no more than register an account; while the second requires you to make a deposit. Fortunately you’re able to claim both so you don’t have to worry about picking one over the other.

The first free spins bonus therefore is the one you’ll want to claim no matter who you are. This is the free spins bonus you get for registering an account, and you can get as much as 50 free spins from this bonus when you do. More commonly though, this bonus will be for around 20 free spins. They will be for one of the site’s top slots however, and this can be turned into real money. So it’s certainly worth your time claiming.

free spins bonus

What makes this free spins bonus extra rewarding though is the fact that it’s also the perfect learning tool. If you’d like to learn how to play online slots in a competitive environment, a free bonus allows you to do that. It also allows you to explore the new site you’re on a little too. Allowing you to see if it’s a place you’d like to do your gaming!

If you do then you’ll probably want to claim the second free spins bonus available. These are free spins you get when you make a deposit; and they come in addition to a bunch of free cash as well. Most sites will offer up a 200 free spins bonus to players depositing with their site, however some sites have even gone as high as 500!

However, no matter which site you decide to play at; make sure you get yourself a no deposit casino free spins bonus in the process. There’s simply too much value for you to be passing up on!