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Free spins casino sites for slot players

There’s a lot of different casinos out there and they all appeal to one type of player or another. However if your type of game happens to be slots then there’s definitely one type of casino that will be most suited you to. That is one of the many free spins casino sites out there! The reason for this is quite an obvious one too – they’ll be giving you a lot of free spins on top slots when you sign up to their site.

What makes free spins casino sites even better is that they’ll be giving you two types of free spins bonuses; not just one! These two bonuses are no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. The no deposit bonuses are the first of the two you’ll run into as these are the very first ones offered up by a casino. You don’t normally get a lot with these sort of bonuses…after all they are free. Usually they come somewhere in the 10 to 50 free spins range. This is still quite a lot though and what makes them even better is that they’re free spins one of the site’s best slots too.

free spins casino sites

The big slot bonuses

For those of you looking to go really mad with free spins though there is a better option. The deposit bonuses that free spins casino sites offer will give you a pretty crazy amount of free spins. Usually the minimum amount of free spins you’ll get is 100 however there are some places which will go much higher than this…even as high as 1,000 free spins!

Fortunately you don’t actually have to deposit a lot in order to get free spins. More often than not the minimum deposit on the site will be enough to trigger the full bonus. This means that even if you only deposit £10 at a free spins casino site; you’ll still get the full amount of free spins that they’re offering…even as high as 200 free spins in some places. What makes these free spins deposit bonuses even better though is you’ll also get cash thrown in as well. More often than not you’ll get a 100% matching deposit bonus in addition to your free spins.

So if you’re a fan of slots then it’s the free spins casino sites in particular you’ll want to check out. Not only will there be free spins before you deposit; there will even be massive ones waiting for you when you do!