The casino for new slot players

If your game of choice happens to be slots then trust us when we say; there’s only one type of casino you want to be thinking about signing up to. That is a free spins no deposit casino! The reason for this is quite simple – if you sign up with them they’re going to give you a bunch of free spins if you do. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you free spins are a good thing, however we’ll give you a couple of details about free spins no deposit casinos you may not know.

The first of those is how many you can expect to get. There’s no set rule on how many free spins a free spins no deposit casino will give you. You just have to go site by site. The average you’ll get though is around 20 free spins. The top end is normally around 50 free spins. And at the very least you’ll get 5 free spins. What’s good about these free spins though is any cash you make from them can be spent anywhere else on the site. This means in a way it’s a bit like getting free cash.

free spins no deposit casinos

Why claim a free spins no deposit casinos bonus

There’s one important reason as to why you should be starting off at free spins no deposit casinos though. That is so you actually end up picking a site you enjoy! If there’s no free spins bonus on a site, how are you going to know you like the place without depositing money? If you end up depositing money on every casino that catches your eye then you may end up needing to spend a lot of money. Free spins no deposit casinos are the answer to this.

Instead of spending money now you can claim these bonuses to see if you like the place first. If you don’t you can walk away no harm done. In fact, you could even walk away with a bit of cash despite not liking the site. On the other hand if you you do like the place then even better! You’ll be able to happily make a deposit and play an a site you enjoy!

Free spins no deposit casinos are the perfect way for any avid slot fan to introduce themself into the online world. You get a free chance at some prizes, plus you get to find the site you like the best without having to spend any money!