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The perfect bonus for mobile slot players

For a long time it’s been quite clear that the future of gaming is in mobile casinos. Everyone has a smart phone nowadays; and being able to play when and where you want is simply too much of an advantage. This is why we’d recommend you make the switch to mobile casinos the first chance you get. If you need a little more persuasion than that though mobile casinos are only happy to help. Their persuasion comes in the form of their mobile casino free spins bonuses! There’s plenty of these to claim and when you’re starting out at a mobile casino you want to make sure you’re getting at least one of two of them as you do.

There are actually two separate mobile casino free spins bonuses for players to claim. One of those is when you make your first deposit on a site. The other is when you first register for a site. Fortunately neither of these two free spins bonuses overlap so you’ll even be able to claim them both”

mobile casino free spins

The Mobile Casino Free Spins two bonuses

The first of the two bonuses you’ll run into then are the no deposit bonuses. Not every mobile casino will offer these so you may want to check before registering. The amount of free spins this mobile casino free spins bonus will give you can vary. At the high end you can get as much as 50 free spins to play with while the low end may be as little as 10. Either way these are free spins for you to try and turn into a fortune. This is our favourite type of mobile casino free spins bonus as it comes at no cost to you. This makes it both a great bankroll builder and a way to learn the games for free!

The second of the two bonuses come when you first make a deposit on the site. These mobile casino free spins bonuses are a lot more rewarding; however they do require you to spend a little money too. Most of these bonuses can be triggered with just a minimum deposit; so £10 or £20 will be more than enough to get them. The amount of free spins will once again vary from site to site. At the very least though you should be expecting 100 free spins with 200 free spins being the most common.

So if you’re new to the mobile scene then we’d highly recommend you take a look at the mobile casino free spins bonuses. Some of them are free while others require a deposit, however they’ll both give you plenty of free spins!